Multi-Mode Transporters

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

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With the capability to operate in unison, with two, three, or four transporters operating under a single very long and/or very wide load, Wheelift technology opens a new era in heavy assembly operations.

When a product is larger (either in physical size or in weight) than a single transporter can carry, multiple vehicles can be electronically joined to create a larger "virtual" vehicle. This larger vehicle operates as a single vehicle, controlled by a single operator with a single radio. It has all of the functionality of an individual vehicle, just on a larger scale.

Wheelift technology allows multiple transporters to come together under single large loads and work in unison when the length and/or width of the loads require. Multi-transporter systems have been studied in theory, but Wheelift offers the first practical application in situations where the loads are greater than 30 tons.

Up to 4 Wheelift transporters can be dovetailed to safely achieve higher capacity and work together as one larger vehicle. Efficient control and coordination of all radio communications between the transporter, the machine operator, and any necessary safety monitors ensures that all move functions and safety requirements are met.

See It In Action

NASA uses multiple Wheelift transporters in tandem to assemble and transport the vehicles in the Space Launch System (SLS) program.

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