Omni-directional Travel

Move larger loads in smaller spaces

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Traditional wheeled trailers that require external propulsion are OK for small, simple transport jobs, but when it comes to moving 50 to 500 or more tons in limited space, it’s time to call in the team at Wheelift.

Wheelift’s transporters can have six, ten, or more wheel modules, on which every wheel is independently driven. Each module can rotate on its own centerline, allowing the transporters to travel in any direction and to operate in smaller spaces.

Transporter Control

Steering, propulsion, and lift functions are controlled by the remote control, which is based on an industrial computer running Beckhoff TwinCAT software. Operator interface and control is through a hand-held wireless radio, which allows control of the forward and reverse speed of the vehicle, the turning angle, travel mode, and travel speed, as well as controls to raise and lower the load.

The transporter has a high resolution monitor that provides graphical feedback to the operator about the current status of the transporter, including:

  • Current position of the modules
  • Actual weight on each module
  • Total load on the transporter
  • Calculated center of gravity of the load

The omni-directional capabilities and other features make Wheelift transporters  much more than just high-capacity trailers—they’re a solution to assist with processes throughout your facility.

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See It In Action

Omni-directional travel was imperative in our Nuclear Spent Fuel Case Study, where NUHOMS® spent fuel storage facilities implemented Wheelift transporters, saved space, and built more storage units.

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