Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

Driving production and efficiency

Wheelift AGVs are changing what’s possible in heavy, demanding product assembly. Our AGV systems are the first to offer a practical solution for transporting loads over 30 tons—with individual heavy-capacity transporters, as well as the ability to sync multiple transporters to act as one.

Making Heavy-load Automatic Guidance Possible

There are 3 core technologies required to make these heavy capacity transporters and AGV systems possible:

  1. Independent fluid equalizing suspension  – disperses loads among the wheels to maintain balance
  2. Independent on-center rotation axle assemblies  –allows for precise omni-directional travel
  3. Computerized steering and load control – integrates with assembly and facility systems to automate process and load moves

Because of these features, Wheelift AGV systems have capabilities and flexibility far beyond traditional AGV vehicles like trucks, lifts, and carts. Wheelift transporters:

  • Move loads from 30 to 500 tons and more
  • Handle both inside and outside operations
  • Can travel on most existing factory floors and surface conditions
  • Provide flexibility for changes and growth

Our AGVs are deployed using inertial guidance, developed in an exclusive and strategic partnership with a world-class provider of inertial guidance systems to provide a complete, turnkey material handling system based on proven technology.

Uninterrupted Automation

Because of the extremely heavy loads being handled, and the duty cycles required, our wireless technology systems use an LPG engine/generator package to provide continuous uninterrupted power. 

All of the features and capabilities of Wheelift’s manually operated transporters are available in an AGV for automatic operations when required. You can now combine the power of Wheelift transporters with the efficiencies of automation.

To talk to us about how a Wheelift AGV system can benefit your manufacturing processes, tell us more.

See It In Action

A Midwest aluminum manufacturer integrated a custom Doerfer AGV system using Wheelift transporters, and even inspired new technology.