What kind of capacity do Wheelift transporters have?
Wheelift transporters are built to carry loads of 50 to 500 tons or more. Multiple transporters can be used in multi-mode configuration to increase capacity even further.

How Large are Wheelift transporters?
Wheelift transporters are built in various sizes. 

What industries would benefit purchasing a transporter?
Any industries that require moving heavy (more than 30 ton) payloads.

How are transporters operated?
All transporter movement (steering, driving, lifting/lowering and tilt) is controlled by a remote control. The remote control features joysticks, pushbuttons and switches that an operator controls to establish transporter movement.

My facility has limited space for maneuvering a transporter. Can a transporter operate under those conditions?
The omni-directional capabilities of a Wheelift transporters allow immense flexibility in the operating environment. Each wheel module on a transporter can rotate on its own centerline, allowing the transporter to travel in any direction without moving the transporter deck.

What kind of power operates a transporter?
Wheelift transporter can be powered using facility power through a shore power umbilical cable, on-bored lithium-ion batteries, or a propane-fueled engine.

What kind of surface can a transporter drive on?
Transporters (loaded or unloaded) are designed to operate on relatively smooth surfaces. Transporters should not travel on a grade that exceeds the grade identified in the transporter specifications. The operating surface must be capable of supporting a combined weight of the transporter and the load.

What are wheel modules?
Wheel modules are located under the transporter deck. Wheel modules house the wheels and other components to move the transporter.

All transporters are equipped with an articulating axle. Hydraulic cylinders provide rotation, lift and suspension. The hydraulic cylinders create a leveling suspension, suited to transport heavy payloads. All the wheel modules work together to provide a compliant suspension capable of leveling the load throughout the move. 

Servomotors and gearboxes drive the wheel modules. Servomotors can drive the wheels forward or reverse allowing the wheel modules to be driven in any direction. Wheel module driving directions are selected using the remote control.

Can transporters operate inside and outside?
Yes! Transporters can work inside and outside, however long term storage outdoors is not recommended as a transporter should be protected from the elements.

Can Wheelift add an attachment to the transporter to help stabilize the load?
Yes! Transporters can work with customers to add load specific attachments to help stabilize the load.

Why would I want a headless transporter?
A headless configuration allows the transporter to enter under a load from one side and exit the other, thus providing more maneuverability and flexibility.

Wheelift  - A Doerfer Companies Technology 8-2012 - 2.25 Inches