Making heavy transports easy

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Wheelift transporters are entirely self-contained so external propulsion mechanisms such as tuggers, pushers, or bearings are not required. Because of this, Wheelift transporters allow for process flexibility and can be used for multiple applications, both in plant and outdoors.

Wheelift transporters are operated from beyond the vehicle. By having a remote operator, as opposed to an on-vehicle driver, all workers remain a safe distance from heavy loads.

The self-propelled feature of Wheelift transporters is especially beneficial when it comes to building AGV systems. Because they require no external propulsion, Wheelift transporters can be installed in plants without adding tracks, air bearings, or wires to the facility—saving time and allowing flexibility for change.

Wheelift transporters can be used outside of a pre-determined path, unlike wire and track guided vehicles. Need to transport something outside? No problem. Want to use the transporter outside of its original intensions? It’s much easier than with other systems.

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