Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs)

Carrying the transporter industry

Wheelift’s Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs) are multiaxle, high-capacity engine, gas, or battery powered transporters that have revolutionized how facilities move large-capacity loads. Wheelift transporters are unique from any other transporter in the market—they are:

  • Low profile
  • High capacity
  • Linkable in multi-mode
  • Exceptionally maneuverable
  • Built to last

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Headless vs Headed Transporters

Our transporters are furnished in one of two basic configurations:
Headed” where the engine/generator package, the hydraulic components, and electrical panels are raised at one end of the transporter
“Headless” where the engine and all the machinery components are below the top deck of the transporter.

A headless configuration allows the transporter to enter under a load from one side and exit out the other. A 100-ton Wheelift transporter can have an overall carrier deck height of 27”. With a lower deck, they can drive under stand-supported loads from either direction, then lift carry loads.


Nearly any Wheelift transporter can be utilized in an AGV system. Our transporters provide capacity and maneuverability unlike any other vehicle with automatic guidance, making them ideal for assembly line AGV systems where very heavy products like mining trucks, steam and turbine generators, huge heat exchangers, and similar very heavy products are concerned.

Wheelift transporters have endless application in heavy, demanding manufacturing. Learn how they can streamline your process by talking to a Wheelift team member.