Helping with heavy lifting

Wheelift takes great pride in building quality, high-capacity transporters that fit individual facility needs. We've set industry standards in innovation and engineering that allow our customers to safety and effortlessly transport and position heavy loads for assembly, operation, or packaging, and to boost their bottom lines.

Wheelift's Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SMPTs) are multiaxle, high-capacity, engine or battery powered transporters that have revolutionized how facilities move large capacity loads. Our low deck transporters have unapparelled capacity and precision, which can be increased further by electronically joining multiple transporters for synchronized operation.

Our transporters are furnished in one of two basic configurations: "Headed" Where the engine/generator package, the hydraulic components, and electrical panels are raised at one end of the transporter; and "Headless" where the engine and all the machinery components are below the top deck of the transporter.

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Wheelift is breaking down barriers in heavy, demanding product assembly. Automatically guided vehicles (AGVs) previously had restrictions due to capacity and size, but Wheelift's heavy capacity AGVs have no such limitations. 

Are AGVs are deployed using inertial guidance, developed in an exclusive and strategic partnership with a world-class provider of inertial guidance systems to provide a complete, turnkey material handling system based on proven technology. All of the features and capabilities of Wheelift's manually operated transporters are available in an AGV for automatic operations when required.

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Standard Vehicles
Wheelift offers several transporter models. When standard AGV designs will not meet your requirement, Wheelift can provide an AGV system designed around, and custom fit to, your product and processes.

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