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Oct 23, 2018 | Doerfer Corporation

Doerfer Acquires Votaw Precision Technologies

Doerfer Companies President, David Takes, announced today that Doerfer has acquired the operating business and assets of Votaw Precision Technologies ( of Santa Fe Springs, California, effective close of business Wednesday, October 17, 2018. Doerfer’s acquisition of Votaw expands the company’s manufacturing technology group. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Votaw’s talented team operates out of a single 240,000 sq.ft. industrial facility, and they join Doerfer’s four other North American design centers and factories located in Iowa, Illinois, Texas, and Mexico. Votaw’s core business centers around design and manufacture of complex mission critical aerospace & flight hardware, inclusive of large scale machined parts, assemblies, and tools used by an extensive base of US manufacturers of rockets, jets, and various airframes.

The acquisition of Votaw by Doerfer underscores the company’s focus on building out its business to conduct proprietary processes involved in the design and manufacture of highly complex technical parts, assemblies, and tools for select customers in the aerospace, energy, and large scale industrial products and material handling markets. Mr. Takes indicated that Votaw’s business is highly synergistic with Doerfer’s pre-existing business activities conducted on behalf of NASA, Boeing, and various original equipment manufacturers serving the commercial airframe or DOD markets, and that Votaw is the first company acquired by Doerfer since the divestiture in December 2017 of Doerfer’s various facilities in the southeastern US, Asia, and Europe, which formerly made up Doerfer’s custom automated systems group.

The addition of Votaw Precision Technologies to Doerfer Companies results in a combined entity with industrial facilities of over 650,000 sq.ft. in North America. Doerfer will continue to use the Votaw trade name as it pursues sales growth related to Votaw’s precision manufacture of mission critical hardware and assemblies. Mr. Takes stated that the combined operations and expanded capabilities represent a significant opportunity for Doerfer Companies to leverage its strong and growing relationships with a highly sophisticated customer base as the group continues to pursue stable and sustained business growth in a variety of technology related markets.