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Nov 15, 2011 | Wheelift

Doerfer Companies Acquires Singapore based PSB Technologies, Pte., Ltd.

Doerfer Companies, an engineering driven designer, manufacturer, and integrator of automation systems and related equipment used to manufacture, handle, assemble, test, and package industrial and consumer products with plants in Iowa, Illinois, South Carolina, and Tennessee announced today that it has acquired one of Asia’s leading machine systems and automation companies, PSB Technologies, Pte. Ltd., based in Singapore.

PSB Technologies grew out of economic development initiatives conducted by the Singapore Economic Development Board beginning in the late 80’s, and over the 20+ years that followed has developed into a leading provider of design, automation, and machine building services and equipment for a variety of industries in Asia and beyond. PSB has nearly 100 employees operating out of an approximately 40,000 square foot factory located in the Bedok Reservoir industrial zone in Singapore, and primarily serves the needs of Fortune 100 companies in implementing and optimizing assembly and other proprietary production processes. Case studies describing sample past projects and programs can be viewed on the company’s website

One of Doerfer Companies subsidiaries, known as TDS Automation, Inc., is located in Waverly, IA. The company indicates that while they have worked internationally on a significant basis for over a decade, the acquisition of PSB Technologies represents a substantial investment in both infrastructure and talent in Asia, and is yet another significant step in fostering Doerfer’s defined global growth strategy. Company officials further state that the acquisition will be positive and accretive for the existing Doerfer team and customer base, as it strengthens and builds the companies opportunities and ability to participate in and carry out its increasingly complex, large scale, globally integrated automation programs and industrial projects.