Transformer Manufacturer Improves Flexibility with Wheelift

Energy Industry


A worldwide manufacturer of liquid-filled transformers uses Wheelift transporters as a long-term solution to a variety of facility and process challenges.


To transfer and position tall, bulky loads with centers of gravity (CGs) weighing up to 145 tons within manufacturing facilities compromised by uneven surfaces, room thresholds, rail tracks, expansion joints, and fixed machinery locations.


Wireless, low profile, electric drive transporters that move heavy loads throughout existing facilities. The fleet uses generic platforms and identical components for cross-functional applications.


  • Four, six, or eight 15” diameter on-center rotation axle assemblies
  • Flat deck at 21”
  • 4% slope capability
  • 6” vertical travel for self-load
  • Power Transformer

    Wheelift transporters can travel below a transformer and rise to self-load.

  • Transport heavy loads outdoors

    Wheelift transporters move heavy loads both indoors and outdoors—on uneven and sloped surfaces.

  • Wheelift headed transporter

    A headed Wheelift transporter used to move heavy transformers.

  • Wheelift transporter loading

    An example of how a Wheelift transporter can self-load.

  • Wheelift in the energy industry

    Wheelift transporters can reliably move extremely heavy loads with high centers of gravity.

About the Product.

A manufacturer of ANSI and IEC liquid-filled transformers previously used air pallets, cranes, floor rails, and other methods to transport large loads throughout its facilities. As load size grew and production flexibility became necessary, aging floors and other factors rendered these methods ineffective.

When all factors were considered, Wheelift’s flexible and heavy-duty transporter solution became the preferred solution for the worldwide manufacturer.

The fleet is comprised of varying-capacity transporters, each with generic platforms and identical components for cross-functional use. The transporter chassis allows a universal worldwide pallet design to be used, driving economies for bulk purchases and design amortization.

All in all, the Wheelift transporters help the manufacturer move their high-value products with confidence.

The facility saw the following benefits:

  • Reduced airborne particulates
  • Decreased ongoing facility maintenance costs
  • Faster travel speed, driving productivity, facility utilization, and safety
  • Unlimited process flexibility
  • Autoclave loading and outdoor pad staging capabilities
  • Outdoor travel to concrete aprons for WIP buffers and customer “hold ship” requests

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