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FlashJet Paint Removal Maintenance Robot

World leading aerospace company contractor, PaR Systems, selects Wheelift® technology for contract maintenance within an Air Force military aircraft maintenance complex.

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Robotic paint removal maintenance system

PaR System's

A world leading aerospace company and manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft needed a one-of-a-kind maintenance tool to support their contract maintenance agreements for military aircraft. PaR Systems, as a leading robotic integrator chose Wheelift technology as the foundation for their need to precisely position their larger than ever before FlashJet® mobile manipulator in an around aircraft fuselages for precision paint removal (FlashJet is the registered trade mark of the Boeing Company).

Wheelift all-directional steer

The maneuverability of PaR System's new mobile manipulator FlashJet system for the precision removal aircraft paint coatings is made possible with Wheelift all-directional steer, precision equalizing suspension wheel modules. This 50,000 lb. manipulator nimbly moves around an aircraft fuselage, maneuvering a FlashJet light head across the aircraft surfaces to burn the paint off the fuselage to a precise depth, and turning the residue into powder, rather than using a traditional chemical paint removal processes. With this unique capability, the original primer was left intact and ready for recoating.

The mobile platform has four on-center rotation Unilload® axle assemblies. With their precision fluid equalizing suspension, and depending on the size of the robotic platform employed, four to eight or more all-wheel drive axle assemblies are divided into four load sharing quadrants. Precision pressure transducers monitor the operation through Wheelift's SynchroSteer® computerized control system. Coupled with tilt about a center trunnion pin, lateral equalization of each axle delivers assurance that every wheel carries only its specific share of the load, regardless of slopes and irregularities in the floor surfaces. Floor loading is dispersed with ground pressure loads spread over a wide footprint.

SynchroSteer Computerized Control Screen

Process-driven features include the ability to lift and lower for self-loading, along with control yaw, pitch and roll to allow very precise alignment with the aircraft fuselage or other docking requirements. With full program monitoring, these types of mobile manipulators and similar robotic tools have 3% slope capability, 5" vertical travel for surface compliance, weatherproofing for damp environment, plus having wireless control. The can easily become fully automated with precision AGV guidance.



CHALLENGE: To provide a mobile long reach heavy duty programmable robotic arm with close positioning and movement capability while keeping a stable tool "focal length".

SOLUTION: Provide high precision travel capability with a 4-axle mobile platform using Wheelift technology with a mounted robotic arm powered off the onboard hydraulic system.


  • Increased productivity and handling safety.
  • Autonomous close tolerance accessibility 360-degrees around the aircraft
  • Precision controlled positioning & movements

Wireless Heavy Transporter Control


Uniload® Load Axle Assembly


The Wheelift® Uniload® axles provide unlimited loading capacity along with a degree of flexibility just not obtainable through other technologies. Wheelift Transporters and AGVs enable manufacturing flexibility with configurable work processes. These transporters facilitate new design freedoms benefiting worldwide niche markets.

Manufactured in Iowa, Wheelift Transporters and AGVs are engineered to applications including assembly processes, build lines, material handling, close positioning die loading, and roll transfers. Load deck and fixturing is built to suit with load capacities to 500+ tons and deck heights as low as 18". Power options include LP gas, diesel, battery, or on-board generator. Electric or hydraulic drives are standard.

For more information on Wheelift Transporters and AGV systems capabilities, please visit us at www.wheelift.com

Headquartered in Iowa, Doerfer develops application specific, custom manufacturing systems and machinery - many which revolutionize the way our customers manufacture, assemble, move, package, and test their products. We thrive on your toughest process challenges for manufacturing.

SUMMATION: PaR Systems' heavy capacity robotic arm manipulator became the ideal platform for the Boeing's Flashjet paint removal system when it gain the precision mobility provided by Wheelift's Uniload axle technology.


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