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Self-Propelled Trailers
Self-Propelled Trailers

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Wheelift heavy load wheeled Transporters offer precision movement of loads beginning at 50 tons and ranging to 400 tons and beyond.

The term Wheelift is synonymous with very heavy load capacity in-plant wheeled transporters in both manually operated and automatic guided vehicle configurations. This new multi-axle UNILOAD® equalizing suspension technology dramatically changes how industry can build and assembly its heavy products.Power headless Transporter

  • Low Deck Height
  • Omni-Directional  Steering
  • On-Center Uniload Rotation Axle Assemblies
  • All-wheel electric motor driven
  • Built-in Lift for Loading and Unloading
  • Two configurations -- "Headless" or with Power "Head"
  • Self Contained, No external  hookup required
  • Choose from LP gas, Diesel or Battery operation
  • AC, 480 V, 3ph power
  • Wireless Handheld Control
  • Optional Automatic Guidance
  • Fully Tandem Operating CapableSelf-Propelled Wheeled Transporter
  • Fully Equalizing Fluid Suspension
  • Operates on Virtually ANY Condition Floors
  • Becomes the Ultimate Heavy Product Assembly Tool
  • Drives Under, Then Lifts and Carries ANY Stand Supported Loads


(In-Plant Self-Propelled Modular Transporter)

As the emerging leader in heavy load moving systems, the Wheelift Systems Group of Doerfer Companies manufactures very heavy capacity wheeled transporters and automatic guided vehicles, in the form of engine driven, self-propelled, AGVs and IN-PLANT SPMT (IP-SPMT) transporters that are used in very large and very heavy assembly operations. While the TDS Automation division of the Doerfer Companies is an established builder of special purpose Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems (AGVs). Doerfer is now using Uniload® fluid equalizing suspension technology to dramatically increase their AGV capacities to ranges that extends to virtually unlimited weight. Although wire and laser guidance is still used when interfacing with, or expanding, existing systems, Doerfer now focuses primarily on inertial guidance for many of its larger heavy move AGV applications. Doerfer has adopted the Siemens based Savant AGV Systems inertial guidance technology as being the most practical for the very heavy capacity AGV systems. Using Wheelift SynchroSteer® technology, manually driven transporters are typically controlled by hand held pendant or wireless controllers. For heavy load moving systems, Wheelift technology based UNILOAD solid urethane wheel supported transporters are intended for heavy IN-PLANT assembly operations where heavy moving loads are normally larger than 50-tons.

Due to their much more sophisticated requirements, these transporters are targeting ultra heavy load moving systems. They can generally only be cost-justified in applications where conventional means CANNOT provide the functionality needed --- that is invariably with loads greater than 30-tons in AGV applications, and 80-tons in operator controlled transporter applications. There are three core technologies that must be present to make these heavy capacity transporters and AGV heavy load moving and assembly systems possible: 1. Independent fluid equalizing suspension, 2. Independent on-center rotation axle assemblies, 3. Computerized steering and load control.

Heavy Capacity “Headed” TransporterWith Doerfer's extensive custom engineered and integrated systems experience and capabilities, they specialize in turnkey solutions for manufacturing and assembly facilities. With the Wheelift technology, that encompasses the most complex of heavy load moving systems, such as needed in the assembly of large mining machinery, heat exchangers, transformers, and the largest of turbine generators. Other applications include very large self-loading mold changers for the plastics industries, and shielded containers for radiation waste in NUHOMS-type ISFSI nuclear processing and storage facilities.

Wheelift heavy lifting In-Plant Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (IP SPMT) offer dramatic new manufacturing and assembly line capabilities to industry's IN-PLANT ultra heavy handling applications. While the technology is similar to over-the-road-type SPMTs built in Europe by firms like Nicolas, Goldhofer, Scheuerle, Kamag, Cometto, MAFI, and Gussin, Wheelift's open-center axle concept allows designs that are much more compact with much lower deck heights, yet with considerably heavier load carrying capacity per axle. And, with solid urethane tire assemblies, they are far more suitable for heavy moving systems across the typical deteriorated floor conditions found in many in-plant heavy assembly and process applications.

Wheelift's independent suspension, heavy load capacity, wheeled transporters are truly omni directional. Not only do they travel forward and backward, but the capabilities of moving sideways, diagonally, and turning about their own center is standard for all systems. Straight forward PLC programming code is used in Wheelift's all-directional SynchroSteer® wheel technology and is ideally suited for both automatic and manual navigation. Wheelift Uniload wheel assemblies can also be built into the bases of heavy precision tooling fixtures and scaffolding structures where the Wheelift fluid suspension completely isolates the moving tools from undulations and other irregularities in plant floor surfaces --- essentially emulating precision ground rail movement. Massive structures can effortlessly move in any direction with precision and no resistance to reversing direction. This is functionality that is just not possible with conventional rails, wheels, rollers, or castered assemblies.

Heavy Capacity “Headed” Transporter


Uniload equalizing suspension wheel technology

This new heavy load moving system of fluid equalizing suspension wheel technology is directly applicable to both fully automatic heavy AGV applications and operator driven IN-PLANT transporters. While primarily directed toward ultra-heavy tooling, assembly, and process operations, the usage goes to other heavy load applications as well, such as fuselage assembly, injection molding and metal stamping die quick change operations, coil carriers, handling jumbo glass fixtures, parent paper rolls, huge fabrications, and machinery where a manufacturer would like to build larger models and equipment than they now have crane capacity for. A plant can now build massive heavy load assemblies in facilities where they literally do not have cranes available at all.

Wheelift's heavy load capabilities are applicable to virtually ANY process that requires moving heavy loads in tightly congested areas and spaces that have inadequate headroom or capacity for crane coverage.

SUMMATION: If the precision alignment of heavy load assemblies is a crucial part of your operations, then the Wheelift transporter's ability take advantage of its fluid equalizing suspension, on-center rotation axle assemblies to maneuver in tight quarters and precisely control all movement within thousands of and inch in ANY plane may be able to earn you hundreds of thousands of dollars in increased productivity and dramatically reduce man-hours of assembly time.



The following terms that are used through this website: Wheelift®, Uniload®, SynchroSteer®, StackAxle®, TrackAxle™ and OmniAxle are all trademarks that are exclusively licensed to Doerfer Companies.